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i'm elite.... [Feb. 5th, 2003|09:14 am]
The superior few


[mood |a lot better about myself]
[music |poor righteous teachers - hot damn i'm good]

i'm elite cuz uhm...i'm an extremely deep thinking philosophical person with a great understanding of the world, i write the best rhymes that could ever be written (tho some may argue that any random person in my crew could do the same, i dont argue much with that), i also am a real nice loving guy who tries to take others into consideration (the opposite of asshole), i'm also a nonconformist and individual with a unique style from the way that i write hiphop that might as well not be hiphop to the way that i dress or make conversation, i'm also both living for Christ AND nonjudgmental (and, not to be repetative, but nonconforming) at the same time, i also am almost positive that i can do anything i really set my mind to do (or do all things through Christ who strengthens me), i am also confident, i have a good sense of humor, i appreciate art in all areas tho i mostly appreciate the art of written and spoken word since that's what i create, i am pretty goodlooking if i say so myself and yet i also believe that women deserve to be treated like queens, i am considered wise and intellectual amongst most peers and elders i know, and i am loved by everyone...my downfall? pride